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International Coal Ventures Private Limited (ICVL) is a recently
        promoted Special Purpose Vehicle with proposed equity base
        of USD 0.9 billions Debt USD 1.8 billion funds from private
        equity funds, venture capitalists, etc as required.



Amendment dated 24/03/2017: Last date of submission of Tender on Setting up of Benga Power Plant on BOO Basis - TE090 extended

Last date of TE088, TE089, TE091 extended_14.03.2017

Amendment to Clauses of Coal Mining Services Tender

Last date of Tenders on Coal Mining, Transportation and Handling extended

Replies to Queries_Coal Mining Services

Reply to the Queries - Coal Transportation Services

Reply to the Queries - Thermal and Low Heat Value Coal Relocation Services

Tender-Power Plant BOO basis dated 27.02.2017

Global Tender for Thermal Coal Sale dated 21.02.2017

Tender - Coal Transportation services dated 09.02.2017"

Tender - Coal Mining Operation Services dated 09.02.2017

Tender - Thermal and Low-Heat Coal Relocation Services dated 09.02.2017

Tender Announcement for ICVL Site - Catering Services Tete

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